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Project Description
This utility enables users to log in on your website using the single sign on capability.

The main social networks are available out of the box, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft Live, Yahoo and Twitter. The goal of this project is to have a simple and flexible tool that retrieves the email address of the user who logged in using one of the available social network, and then, use that email to integrate easily with the ASP.NET Membership provider.

This library was made because OAuth libraries available on the net today are usually too complicated, and often depend on other libraries. Sometimes you just need a secure login to identify the user, and nothing more...

This is a simple tool because it retrieves the user's email address and nothing else.
This is a flexible tool because it lets you add service providers very easily.

The available authentication protocols are OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID.

This tool is available as a nuget

You can read more info at:

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